The Grand Outlook

We go the extra mile to serve you better

We are banking on our rich heritage of providing seamless shopping experience to the highly diversified community we serve. Keeping at pace with the digital transformation and staying at par with data revolution is making our business fresh and always raring to go. Right time thrust on the key retail metrics through the deployment of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence capabilities keeps us stand out among a flurry of traditional & modern-day retailers. The incomparable growth trajectory has taken its shape from the dynamic UAE in 1998, took no time to extend its wings to the ever-growing Middle Eastern Markets such as Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, KSA and India.


The Grand Services

Perfect execution of multi-format retailing strategy with all formats aligning to the specific needs of the customers makes us one of a class in the retail genre. Our constantly modernized and rigorously elevated standards of operation makes sure the customers are greeted with best-in-class shopping experience every single time.

Grand Fresh

Grand Express

Grand Hypermarkets

Grand Shopping Mall

The Grand Process

At Grand Hyper, our streamlined process ensures efficient operations from start to finish. With in-house engineering expertise, we prioritize the identification and feasibility of projects. Sourcing and logistics are meticulously handled, while visual merchandising enhances the shopping experience. Allocation and inspection guarantee quality and our skilled management team ensures smooth operations at every step.


The Grand Forecast

A trendsetter in the realm of modern shopping and retail arena








The Grand Brands

Grand owns an extensive range of brands across multiple categories including grocery, household essentials, fashion, electronics, trendy clothing, footwear, and accessories. Our trusted brands offer exceptional features like high-quality, and unique offerings which make them stand out. This extensive range of products aims at customer satisfaction while creating an unparalleled shopping experience for all.